You can post an ad or content about your site in CasinosNews. Why choose this? We believe that the field of land-based casinos and iGaming brings together a real community of fans. Sharing is caring for our readers. And this also applies within our team.  Discover the many advantages offered to advertisers on our site!

Present your content with CasinosNews !

CasinosNews offers you the opportunity to advertise with our site. To do this, simply contact us via our online form. But why choose us? Read below to find out.

Take Advantage of High Visibility

Since its founding, CasinosNews has brought together many Swiss gambling fans every month. As a result, your content will achieve high visibility.

Forget Expensive Advertising Methods

Some conventional solutions (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads) impose substantial budgets. CasinosNews offers you competitive rates with real results!

An Ideal Solution to inform Players

Our site dedicated to Swiss casinos and iGaming is an ideal strategy to notify players after the launch of a new platform. Don’t miss out!

What are our conditions?

We impose certain conditions in order to preserve the quality and reliability of CasinosNews, while reassuring our users. Thus, each request is reviewed according to these determining factors:

  • Your content must be related to the field of casinos and iGaming
  • Cited sources must be verified
  • Redirection by links is only possible after the review and approval of the domain in question
  • No promotion relating to a service similar to ours is allowed
  • The text content of an advertisement must be appropriate
  • Any offers must comply with our Terms of Use

How to Proceed?

CasinosNews makes it easy for you to show your ads. Simply contact us to determine the nature of your request. The more detail about your content and the associated links, the better.

After initial review, we will contact you as soon as possible to present the best solutions based on your needs. We will also offer you the rate for your ads. Then you will be asked to email each graphic or text content associated with your advertisement. In addition, we will also review any redirected site in detail for reliability issues.

When these verification steps are successfully completed, we will make you a final offer. Once approved, your content will be immediately uploaded for an initially agreed upon period. You will immediately notice positive results of the ad stats.

There is typically a delay of 3 consecutive days is between first contact and the publication of content.

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