CFMJ bans 35 new operators licensed by Curacao

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January 28, 2020 was another landmark date for casinos licensed by Curacao. Today, the CFMJ issued a total and immediate ban on 35 operators not recognized in Switzerland. Should this news be considered as punishment for online gambling fans? What were the reasons for this decision by the Swiss authorities? CasinosNews provides you with answers that have been analyzed and verified by our team of experts.

145 operators now on CFMJ’s blacklist

The recent CFMJ announcement concerning the ban of 35 new operators has verily altered the field of gambling in Switzerland. To date, 145 online casinos are now on the Swiss Federal Gaming Board’s infamous blacklist. But rest assured, online gambling fans: this announcement mainly references relatively unpopular platforms.

This ban follows a more substantial ban last November. For its part, the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board has not published new updates concerning the actual unavailability of other operators. This official governing body in Switzerland prohibits 88 online gambling sites. Will there be a press release from Comlot? The next few days will reveal more news related to Swiss gambling legislation.

Questionable online casinos certified by Curacao

Many Swiss players seem worried about CFMJ’s new ban. But the most recent operators who became inaccessible had one common characteristic: a license granted by Curacao. Is this just a minute detail? Absolutely not. In fact, this foreign licensor doesn’t have any legal recognition in Switzerland. Read on to find out the justifiable reasons for this.

For several years, many questionable online casinos have presented a “Curacao license.” However, several verifications have been made to review this license, which was initially designed to reassure players and justify an adequate quality of games and services. Some of these questionable platforms also offer welcome bonuses in Swiss francs with questionable reliability. Faced with a series complaints filed by players, the “Curaçao license” is now a disconcerting designation.

By filtering many online casinos approved by Curacao, the CFMJ seems to be determined to fulfill its main goal: to clean up the field of gambling in order to properly supervise this activity.

Online Poker is scarce in Switzerland

To date, there are only 6 CFMJ authorized operators with Video Poker games. However, this type of software doesn’t meet the expectations of online poker fans. Moreover, the ban on several online casinos approved by Curacao greatly reduces the availability of this exciting game. Some operators admit that the performance of Video Poker software requires some improvements in order to ensure a suitable experience for players. Recent statements by Casino Baden concerning its platform highlight this issue for many fans.

The ever-increasing demand from Poker Texas Hold’em fans may lead operators to review their catalog of games soon.

The Federal Gaming Board: a little too strict?

CFMJ’s new ban raises a legitimate question: are they “a little too strict” with some things? This question leads to many debates among players. However, objectively speaking, the Swiss Federal Gaming Board has so far mainly targeted platforms with significant complaints. The case by case seems to be de rigueur despite some differing opinions.

Unlike other countries (notably France), Switzerland allows its residents to play legally from a selection of online casinos. The CFMJ aims to reassure players while fulfilling its primary goals. One could think of this as a real opportunity especially with questionable platforms being regularly created.

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