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In a press release published on January 27, 2020, the Euromillions announced an upcoming increase of its jackpot. If you were surprised by the amount offered in the European lottery before, then get ready for your jaw to drop with the next winnings. CasinosNews presents a summary of this info from the official Loterie Romande website.

How popular is Euromillions in Switzerland?

Offered since October 8, 2004 in Switzerland and other European countries, Euromillions is undoubtedly one of the most popular lotteries. But while it’s designed for 174 million potential players, the lotto’s success is relatively mixed in Switzerland. According to several studies, Austria, Luxembourg, and the “country of chocolate” represent only 1.44 million bettors. Other neighboring countries have higher rates of interest per week:

  • 64 million English players
  • 5 million French players
  • 88 million Spanish players

Of course, Switzerland’s size is an important factor in these statistics. But the development of ever more attractive online casinos is lowering player interest despite often impressive winnings. To deal with this phenomenon, Euromillions and Loterie Romande have publicized some upcoming changes in order to pique the interest of new bettors.

Each new jackpot will be better than the last

The recent Euromillions press release shook up the Switzerland Lottery. In fact, Loterie Romande claims that the next draw will have an increase in the maximum value of the coveted jackpot (up to 200 million euros may be offered to bettors). A dream for many a Swiss player. Moreover, the evolution of the next Jackpot will be done at a faster speed. With these latest developments, Euromillions is sure to bring together a lot more players.

Several Super Jackpots are now guaranteed every year

Loterie Romande also reassured bettors by proposing a radical change: the guarantee of 3 to 4 dizzying Superjackpots won every year. Welcome news indeed! There have been many positive reactions to this change. Will this be a determining factor in the popularity of this European lottery? The answer is debatable.

What about the previous system and rules for Euromillions?

Rest assured, Euromillions followers: no changes will impact the initial system and the rules of this European lottery. Loterie Romande confirmed this info in a recent press release:

“Note that the changes to the new formula do not affect the game mechanics and the price of the grid, which remain the same. The national game, “SWISS WIN,” also remains unchanged.  The chances of winning also remain identical with a 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize.”

A new offer available on February 1, 2020

As previously mentioned, the new Euromillions offer will be available with the next draw. On February 1, 2020, players will be able to bet as usual and take advantage of the new offers by the famous European lottery. The immediate implementation of these changes confirms a so-called “aggressive” strategy in order to quickly increase the dwindling participation numbers from 2019.

Reminder: How to Play Euromillions

Euromillions is offered in nine European countries (in Switzerland, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain). To play, simply select several numbers at an approved point of sale / lottery distributer, or directly on the site The next draw is announced for Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Three days later, a Super Jackpot of CHF 140 million will also be offered. Don’t forget: fortune favors the brave!

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