December 2020: a record Euromillions jackpot

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Legitimately considered the most generous lottery game, the Euromillions is offering a record prize pool of 217 million francs on 8 December 2020. Faced with this exceptional sum, many enthusiasts answered the call and tried their luck. Casinosnews invites you to take stock of this unmissable news.

A particularly attractive prize pool

While the Euromillions has been a dream come true for many Swiss since its creation in 2004, this famous European lottery is hoping to make a lasting impression by offering a dizzying prize pool of 200 million euros (the equivalent of 217 million francs). However, this prize represents a real record that leaves no “regular” or curious player indifferent. According to various sources, this craze has, unsurprisingly, boosted the number of new entries in Europe. Will a Swiss player win on Tuesday, December 8, 2020? The tension is at its peak… And the evening is likely to be long for many enthusiasts.

Reminder of the Euromillions rules

The Euromillions is a lottery offered in many European countries (notably Switzerland and France). Just like other games with a carefully controlled drawing, the Euromillions offers the luckiest players a dizzying jackpot. However, if there is no grand prize winner, the prize will be put back into play in the next drawing. If this process does not lead to any exclusivity, the addition of a previous jackpot and a new win is still a real opportunity that will make players dream.

According to the rules set for the Euromillions, the maximum prize pool may not exceed 200 million euros (217 million francs). In other words, the drawing organised on Tuesday 8 December 2020 will offer the maximum prize pool. However, an important question could be raised: what will happen if no grand winner is declared at this incredible event? The Euromillions rules outline certain procedures:

  • If the maximum jackpot is won, the next drawing prize will be set at the minimum amount.
  • If no winner is announced, the jackpot will be put back into play in the next 4 drawings.
  • If no winner is announced during the 5 drawings, “the entire jackpot is then distributed to the lowest winning rank that has at least one winner (second or even third place); on this occasion, the jackpot is necessarily won”.

In addition to Switzerland, which countries offer the Euromillions?

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, the Euromillions is not available in all European countries. Indeed, the list of nations offering this lottery includes 9 territories (Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria and Portugal). Unsurprisingly, the winnings at stake do not differ in any way from one country to another. In other words, the record Euromillions jackpot proposed on Tuesday 8 December will apply to each of the aforementioned territories.

Remember that the draws for this European lottery are held every Tuesday and Friday (i.e. 2 drawings per week). The results can be found on the website. For your information, the drawing for the Euromillions is held in Paris (Française des Jeux studios). Cross-border commuters will be able to find this drawing on the French television channel TF1.

When and how to play the Euromillions?

Never tried your luck at the Euromillions? Rest assured, this European lottery is particularly accessible. In fact, all you have to do is tick 5 numbers (spread over a grid of 50 numbers) as well as 2 additional stars (from 12 numbers). Naturally, your objective will be to select the right results. Note that getting 3 or 4 numbers will allow you to win a less impressive prize, but nevertheless it is worth mentioning.

Each Euromillions ballot must be validated by 20:15 on Tuesday or Friday evening at the latest. In the event of non-compliance (voluntary or not) with this rule, the player’s grid will be refunded or validated for the next draw. An automatic subscription can nevertheless be taken out to bet automatically for 5 consecutive weeks. To do so, don’t hesitate to validate your bets from your favourite computer or retailer… Who knows, you could become the next winner of this dizzying lottery!


Update: Currently no participant has won the Euromillions prize pool. This will be put back into play at the next drawing.

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