Loterie Romande will manage the Lotto starting in 2021

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On September 28, 2019, Loterie Romande announced a future revision of the lottery. Of course, several intermediaries raised some legitimate questions about this announcement. Beginning in 2021, the reorganization could trouble many players. So is it good or bad news? What are the consequences that could affect the Swiss Lotto? CasinosNews takes a look at this surprising news.

Private company to take the lead

In Switzerland, many lotteries are managed by private companies every week, much to the delight of fans. And although there are no economic difficulties or player disinterest in the lottery, Loterie Romande nevertheless announced a major reorg of lottery games starting in 2021. And since the lottery authority doesn’t want to manage the lottery directly, they instead have planned for the creation of a sister company to take the lead.

So far, only some information about the future sister company has been officially announced (more info below). According to the majority of experts, no press releases about the company’s specifics are verifiable in 2019. More information will arise in these subsequent months.

Loterie Romande’s goal: to stop questionable profits

An immediate question that may be posed is: why plan for reorganization and management of Swiss lottery games if players are already happy? The answer lies with the profiteers, middle-men and lottery organizers. So the main goal is to squelch concerns raised by news outlets speaking on the questionable use of lottery profits in Switzerland and also improve supervisory activity.

Loterie Romande wants their role in the reorg to be a legitimate one. But should we be worried, or even have negative opinions, about this announcement?

CEO of Loterie Romande: reasons for a reorg

Many have expressed some concern online. In response, Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO of Loterie Romande, provided additional reasons in order to reassure fans:

 “Loterie Romande will begin managing lottery games in Switzerland in 2021. In the framework of the reorganization, non-profits will be favored. The lottery will reposition itself as a local public utility in order to achieve its primary goal of financing local businesses via lotto games. For example, Choirs or football clubs would be able to take advantage of the opportunity. For organizations such as these, there will be no issues surrounding the generation of profits. On the creation of a sister company, it could be based in Lausanne, where staff from Loro will focus on each organization with lotto games and possibly travel to each district. The system’s methods, specific to Switzerland, have yet to be determined. We are currently studying the details of this market in order to prepare appropriate solutions.

Once we have determined the proper means and ways, we will be able to publicly announce what solutions will go into effect in 2021, namely which districts will require lotto supervision and how we will proceed in that regard. The variables, such as the places themselves and the number of planned events, are important towards achieving the primary goals. For example, Friborg has a particularly entrenched lotto tradition, but other districts may not in comparison.”

A complex reorg

Some players believe that Loterie Romande is not the suitable choice for the management and supervision of every lottery game in Switzerland. However, Loro does have rights directly associated with the lotto, which is highly prized by many fans. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, in response to the debate:

“Once the two activities are cleanly separated, Loterie Romande has the rights and means necessary to supervise the lotto in Switzerland.  It is also Loro’s duty to do so. Admittedly, there will be marked difficulties to make the collaboration between local companies and the commercial operator work, thanks to some recent laws. However, Loterie Romande is a responsible public utility and must provide a practical and structured response to the problem.

In summary, our goal is to have a business plan by the first quarter of 2020, which would allow us to determine the feasibility of the project. I don’t rule out that it might not be worth it. But I don’t expect that to be the case. If the project can be considered viable, we will strategically and effectively prepare the reorganization in order to apply new measures beginning in 2021. ”

A few words about the lottery in Switzerland

Lotto games in Switzerland helps many organizations raise essential funds. The game is geared towards the financing of projects and offer great prizes to its participants. It is not for for-profit entities. And according to statistics, most participants are over 50 years of age.

The lotto is also incredibly popular in other European countries such as France, Belgium and Spain. However, at present, there are no government bodies dedicated to the organization and supervision of these games abroad.

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