Losses incurred by the Swiss Lottery directly impact Sports

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The pandemic caused by Covid-19 continues to adversely affect many areas. The Swiss Lottery, for example, has incurred about a 40% reduction in bets. This phenomenon also has severe repercussions for the field of sports, where social distancing is absolutely crucial. But what is the direct relationship between these 2 areas? Continue reading this article to find out more info about this upsetting news.

A direct relationship between the Swiss Lottery and Sports

Some readers might be surprised by the headline. However, the Swiss Lottery is closely linked to Sports, such that every lost Rento or Tribolo bet benefits associations, professional clubs, athletes as well as other cultural areas from a significant percentage of the profits. More specifically, the Vaud Sports Fund Foundation makes a distribution of 9 million CHF every year.

Players’ payments are, of course, affected as a result of the recent events caused by the spread of Covid-19. Following Loterie Romande’s press release, which reported a 40% loss to players, the concerns were amplified. In response, Philippe Rupp, Secretary General of the Foundation, recently stated:

“Yes, the concerns are very, very real. Theoretically, it means that we will distribute less money this year.”

Athletic Ceremony cancelled

Every year, a ceremony dedicated to athletes, who are awarded individual scholarships, occurs. But this year was different. The decision to cancel the ceremony, which was to welcome 90 professional athletes in May 2020, was, of course, expected by the concerned participants and only raised questions. Will there be a lack of funding for sports and cultural fields? Philippe Rupp reassured:

“Sports and cultural players can be reassured that, despite the necessary cancellation of the annual award ceremony because of the pandemic, we have decided to allocate the profits, an amount totaling about 500,000 CHF, generated by the Swiss lottery.”

As a result, every sports player will receive anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 CHF as a promise from Loterie Romande. The scholarship will be determined based on the Swiss Olympic card (gold, silver, bronze, elite) held by the athlete, many of whom consider the scholarship as really necessary. Triathlete Adriren Briffod stated during the 2018 ceremony:

“Personally, I consider this scholarship as a solution to sponsorship. It’s important to me because I no longer live with my parents. My goal is to find financial independence, while dedicating myself to professional sports.”

Survey finds unprecedented consequences

Each sports club or association has its own financial plans with a dedicated treasury. Thus, Loterie Romande and Comlot surveyed each actor in order to determine the consequences of confinement resulting from Covid-19. To demonstrate, the canton (district) of Vaud has more than 180,000 members registered with 1,143 clubs. Phillipe Leuba, State Councilor, provided additional information about these questionnaires:

“The survey is seeking to identify the repercussions of the health crisis we are currently experiencing. The results of these questionnaires will help us to precisely determine the amount of aid expected by clubs, associations and athletes.”

Professional clubs especially affected

Professional football clubs are also sounding the alarm in the face of such significant financial losses. For example, the temporary cancellation of the Premier League championship is estimated to cost around 1.2 billion Euros, a 6 million CHF loss per match. Following an interview with UEFA, Phillipe Leuba confirmed this upsetting info:

“The concern is real and palpable. I’m not sure that football will be able to return to the way it was before Covid-19, at least, in regard to its business model. The consequences will be colossal for clubs without adequate financial health in the face of major problems like this one.”

Head of the Sports Department also spoke to reassure Lausanne Sports fans and actors:

“Lausanne-Sport is managed by capable people. But for Lausanne HC, the situation looks slightly more complex. This club is currently in a ‘buyout phase.’ We are actively speaking with club leaders to determine the level of support to give, particularly in regard to the Vaudoise arena and part-time / seasonal workers. Regarding Stade Nyonnais and Yverdon Sport, future impacts can’t be overlooked. But, on the the other hand, amateur clubs should be impacted less by the current crisis, with lower costs and stronger relationships with their sponsors.”

Next deconfinement: a new starting point

The sports and cultural fields are racing against the clock, the result of which will be decided based on when the current partial containment is lifted. The longer confinement measures are in place, the more worrying the consequences will be. The Minister of Vaudois recently presented his point of view at a conference:

“If the current health crisis continues, businesses will reduce their advertising and sponsorships, leading to extremely complex situations for the Sports World in Switzerland.”

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