The “Millionaires” game is back for the year 2020

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Since 2016, the Loterie Romande has been offering Swiss people the chance to try their luck during the festive season thanks to “Millionaire” tickets. Particularly popular, these scratch cards are making a comeback from 27 October 2020. What gains are at stake in this year of Covid-19? Are new rules to be expected? Casinosnews answers these questions.

The indisputable success of the “Millionaires” game

Offered by Loterie Romande since 2016, the “Millionaires” game is a great success every year. In addition to numerous prizes awarded instantly after scratching a few boxes, a draw is also offered to win 1 million francs each day from 1 to 24 December, in other words 24 million distributed to 24 lucky players. Enough to seduce the most adventurous, especially in these unprecedented times.

When gambling becomes a “breath of fresh air”

According to health professionals, not only the consequences of the lockdown from March to June 2020, but also all the direct and indirect repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affect the well-being of every household. And looking for “good news” becomes a real priority when morale is low.

For many Swiss people, gambling (online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, etc.) is therefore like a “breath of fresh air” where the possibility of winning the jackpot also offers an optimistic and exciting pastime. Considering this phenomenon, operators, Loterie Romande, and other legal bodies could see positive results in the coming months. Naturally, the annual availability of the “Millionaires” game should draw a marked interest from players. The next few weeks will show if these forecasts are founded.

Are new rules to be expected?

To the surprise of some Swiss people, the 2020 edition of the “Millionaires” game will be similar in all respects to last year’s model. The two games with scratch-off calendar boxes are back. Likewise, the daily draw from 1 to 24 December will enable 24 lucky winners to win 1 million francs.

As in previous years, the results of each draw will be published on the Loterie Romande website on 24 December 2020. In short, no change will disturb regulars of the “Millionaires” game … And the unquestionable success of this lottery is an excellent reason not to introduce new game rules or concepts.

A game unaffected by the consequences of the pandemic

The “Millionaires” game has a considerable advantage over other gambling models. Sports betting is unfortunately a perfect example where the cancellation of matches or the absence of athletes contaminated by Covid-19 has had an impact. The second wave of the pandemic is another reason for concern for land-based casino owners. Even though these establishments are not affected by an administrative closure following the tightening of measures announced at the end of October 2020, the possibility of challenging scenarios cannot be overlooked.

Remote participation which is part of the “Millionaires” game is obviously not affected by the heavy consequences of the pandemic… A real opportunity for Swiss players. Casinosnews will be closely monitoring the progress of this game, looking at any possible upheavals caused by this unprecedented and uncertain situation.

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