Responsible Gaming: a positive result for Loterie Romande?

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In October 2019, Lorerie Romande announced that it would strengthen security for players following some studies concerning gambling in Switzerland. The goal aims to perfect the gaming experience for gambling fans while limiting the risk of addicition. So what are the results after the first year of applying the changes? What about the methods observed in other European countries? Read on to find out more about this topic in our full article below here at Casinosnews.

Responsible Gaming in Switzerland – a unique model in the world

Loterie Romande and the CFMJ are 2 crucial organizations for guaranteeing that players have the best possible gaming experience. After reviewing methods utilized in other European countries, it became immediately apparent that Switzerland has a very unique model from the rest. And responsible gaming remains a priority for Loterie Romande, CFMJ and Comlot much to the delight of players.

However, despite the different devices imposed by gambling organizations and other systems designed to supervise fans, a small group of players still experience complicated situations every month.

Since the application of the Swiss law on gambling in 2019, every regulatory body in this sector, which is very appreciated in Switzerland, already offered a variety of effective solutions. One great example is the availability of online tools in which players can identify a potential addiction problem. Furthermore, all legal online casinos adhere to policies  that emphasize responsible gaming.

So what’s the result following the first year of these addiction management solutions? Is there room for improvement?

Mostly positive results

To be honest, the measures recently announced by Loterie Romande have certainly provided essential support for some gambling enthusiasts.

Without a doubt, Payscan is one of the most effective solutions utulized on Loterie Romande’s official platform. Having the ability to analyze the behavior of multiple players every day allows them to adjust limits and apply appropriate measures, should the situation require.

Another smart move was to use a digital ID for players in order to tackle the age limit for gambling in Switzerland (18 years or older). As a result, no players below the age limit have been observed playing on gambling platforms. And starting January 1, 2021, this age limit will be redefined taking into account those over the age of 18.

An intelligent investment

Finally, the subsequent investment granted for addiction prevention since 2019 has lead to positive results for Loterie Romande. Also, the creation of multiple moderator jobs will better inform Swiss players. Additionally, Loterie Romande works with several health specialists, which verifies the effectiveness, strength and know how of the measures applied specifically to the Swiss.

As a reminder, there is also a 0.5% tax levied on gross profits from the games, which go toward the partial financing of the investment. Thus the cantons of Romande receive close to 2 million CHF every year for funding public programs geared towards responsible gaming. A very wise move indeed.

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