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7Melons, created by Grand Casino de Berne, hesitantly joins the list of operators recognized by the CFMJ. While many players weren’t surprised by this news, those who have a negative opinion of the platform felt a bit deceived by their delivery. How can we explain this discrepancy? What are some strategies of the famous Grand Casino de Berne? Casinonews takes a look at this news from a verified and objective perspective.

7Melons and its “long”preparation

7Melons had a particularly long preparatory stage to arrive online in September 2020. In fact, Grand Casino de Berne had a license issued back in November 20, 2019. One reason for the long process is a result of the multiple tests and analysis that are imposed on legal operators, often taking several months at the least.

Grand Casino de Berna is betting on its new online platform, 7Melons. Over the last 4 years, the casino has suffered significant revenue losses. This is partly due to players’ increased interest in online casinos versus land-based establishments.

Although Grand Casino de Berne’s initial announcement was promising, it appears that the recent arrival of their online platform has been surprising for some players.

 Mixed reviews from players

7Melons aimed to be unique and attractive to players from the outset. Typically, every operator goes through a logical evolution of its site, where the pages and features are updated regularly. However, 7Melons started its offering with a rather limited catalogue of games, having only one partner in Microgaming. What’s more, there are no live games available on the site. And unfortunately, there are also no welcome bonuses available, which is quite astonishing. It appears that Grand Casino de Berne’s promises differ greatly from the actual version put forth online.

On the other hand, 7Melons respects its obligations to responsible gaming by displaying the information in a clear manner. While some might find this to be trivial, it’s important to remember that some operators don’t make much effort in this regard.

In short, the first version of 7Melons’ platform has been met with mixed success…and with legitimate reason. The following months will give Grand Casino de Berne some time to make improvements on its platform by heeding the advice of its players.

What are some of the strategies of Grand Casino de Berne ?

7Melons seeks to distinguish itself by taking a different approach to online gaming. Of course, as with competing models, Grand Casino de Berne’s goal is to position itself as a leader in the field and win more players to its platform.

However, is it simply a matter of having competitive services for this establishment that is adored by its players? Absolutely not. In fact, several studies confirm that the majority of land-based casino fans remain loyal to the “physical” games. Grand Casino de Berne is aiming for a specific client to complement its other services in order to offset losses incurred over the last 4 years. The potential is undeniable. But in order to get the desired results, they must offer a more attractive site. The upcoming months will confirm whether or not the strategies utilized by Grand Casino de Berne will work. Of course, Casinonews will keep you updated on the evolution of the site in our future articles!

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