Online casinos: when cybersecurity becomes a priority

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While the value of bonuses is often seen as a major argument for boosting the popularity of an online casino, cybersecurity is nonetheless becoming a key factor for many enthusiasts – especially Swiss players. How can this phenomenon be explained? What solutions are currently applied by legal operators to reassure Internet users? This article takes stock of these intriguing topics.

Online casinos and cybersecurity: what is the situation in 2020?

It will come as no surprise to any Internet user: every year the number of online attacks continues to grow. With society becoming increasingly digital, the storage or use of data on the Internet is essential to take advantage of many services. Among these, online casinos naturally evoke the essential use of cybersecurity-related tools. If not, a simple transaction such as deposit or withdrawal could obviously have serious consequences (hacking a bank account, identity theft, etc.).

In looking briefly at models related to online casinos for US or Canadian players, cybersecurity seems to take on particular importance. Ads to reassure enthusiasts are sometimes seen instead of welcome bonuses in banner ads. This argument, which has now become a priority, seems to correspond to the expectations of the “most curious”, where the risks of piracy are a legitimate concern.

According to several studies, the number of online frauds recorded has doubled in the last 5 years. Obviously, this information aggravates the mistrust of some Internet users towards legal online casinos.

What about cybercrime in Switzerland?

Whether it is a question of hacking via social networks or banking fraud, Switzerland unfortunately ranks first  among the countries most affected by cybercrime in European (report confirmed by the FSO in April 2020). However, the number of Swiss citizens connected to the Internet is also important to consider in order to determine this statistic.

Unsurprisingly, smartphone users are also affected by online crime. Pirates are, above all, motivated by observable trends. As such, the ever-increasing popularity of online casinos has not escaped the interest of hackers.

Illegal operators affect the trust of Internet users

Since the implementation of the new Gambling Act in 2019, the CFMJ has been working actively to reassure players and guarantee them an optimal experience. To this end, the Federal Gaming Commission manages to blacklist many illegal operators that show worrying traits such as:

  • Lack of tools to secure player data
  • The questionable integrity of the games they offer
  • The unavailability of reliable customer service

In other words, favouring an online casino is essential to avoid possible hacking attempts, despite the presentation of deliberately attractive bonuses.

What are the solutions applied by legal online casinos?

Every online casino legally licensed in Switzerland uses a transmission protocol that is indispensable: HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). In practice, this tool makes it possible to confidentialise every interaction involving the sending or receiving of data online. However, this solution may prove insufficient in the event of identity theft. The year 2021 could lead operators to make their users aware of this type of situation. However, mentioning such risks can also affect players’ trust. A subtle approach will therefore be needed to ensure the safety of all enthusiasts.

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