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While the Covid-19 pandemic is still dominating the news in this year that is unlike any other, some announcements nevertheless manage to surprise experts and Swiss online casino enthusiasts. Among these, the officialisation of a partnership between Casino777 and Hockey Club Davos AG has not failed to arouse the curiosity of many Internet readers. What is their to know about the announcement? What can we expect from this surprising partnership? Casinosnews brings you the full article.

2nd wave: how are Casino777 and the land-based casino in Davos faring?

It will come as no surprise to Internet readers that recent government announcements forcing the closure of many establishments frequented by the public have had an impact on businesses, companies and organisations. Land-based casinos are of course also affected by this awkward and challenging situation. As a result, significant losses in turnover are recorded every month… And the Davos casino is no exception to this phenomenon laden with consequences.

While the availability of Casino777 initially allowed the Davos casino to develop its business, the current situation highlights a relevant alternative to satisfy regular individual players of “physical” games. Nevertheless, Casino777 is battling to stand out from the competition despite notable marketing strategies. What’s more, the forthcoming availability of two new operators could well affect the meek popularity of this platform devised by the Davos casino.

In short, the situation seems challenging for one of the most popular Swiss gaming circles. Undaunted by these complicated times, Casino777 recently announced a surprising partnership with Hockey Club Davos AG. The equally disastrous consequences for the sports sector in Switzerland raise a pertinent question: where does this joint endeavour stand, and do the two stakeholders expect from it?

An ambitious “local partnership” based on solidarity

The two partners, Casino777 and Hockey Club Davos AG, have one obvious thing in common – their geographical proximity. However, the choice of the land-based casino did not fail to surprise many experts.

In all objectivity, Hockey Club Davos AG has stood out in its own field through its undisputed sporting achievements. Yet, during the 2019 ice hockey championship, the team soon to be associated with Casino777 was to some extent unable to assert its skill, finishing only in 3rd position. The spread of Covid-19 effectively put an end to the long-awaited championship in March 2020. The partnership therefore looks set to benefit both stakeholders, despite the current disruptions in the sports sector.

Will there be an immediate financial advantage for Casino777 or Hockey Club Davos AG? Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a positive answer. On the other hand, the surge of solidarity between two sectors that are impacted by the pandemic deserves wide publicity in these challenging times. A brief interview with Christophe Pynchynski, director of the Davos Casino, confirms this vital spirit of solidarity:

“Through this association within Casino777, we want to give Hockey Club Davos AG the support it deserves, with a true demonstration of solidarity. “

Objective: 2021

It is difficult for Casino777 to make headway in this peculiar year. While the results that the operator hoped for do not seem to be forthcoming, the Davos casino wants to prepare for 2021 with new strategies. Naturally, the signing of a partnership with Hockey Club Davos AG could “pay off” considering the long-awaited recovery in the sports sector. Christophe Pynchynski also speaks of the future of the famous hockey club:

“We are delighted with this partnership and with our presence at the historic celebration of Hockey Club Davos AG’s forthcoming 100th anniversary, which will be an  event not to be missed for the club. “

What does this partnership mean?

If the announcement of a partnership between Casino777 and Hockey Club Davos AG has been a surprise for some, the geographical proximity of the two players on the other hand makes it an obvious choice. Ever since it went online, Casino777 has been shaking up the world of Swiss online casinos with its striking marketing strategies (in particular its television commercials featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme). By preparing the way for its presence during the next ice hockey championship, the operator will undoubtedly benefit from the increased visibility generated by a likely full recovery in the sports sector. The first quarter of 2021 will confirm whether this much hoped-for forecast was well-founded.

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