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After months of preparation, the Swiss online casino Pasino.ch officially opened its doors on 16 November 2020. What is there to know about the announcement? How can we explain the media craze concerning this platform offered by the Casino du Lac Meyrin? Casinosnews invites you to have a look at these exciting topics.

An eagerly anticipated Swiss online casino

Officially announced in the first quarter of 2020, Pasino.ch is attracting a great deal of interest from numerous experts as well as online gambling enthusiasts. This operator certainly intends to reflect the image of the Casino du Lac Meyrin in Geneva, a renowned establishment on Swiss soil. However, it is important to recall the identity of the operator of this game circle: the Partouche group. Naturally, when considering the history of this French group, this information implied an enticing level of quality.

Unfortunately, the postponement of Pasino.ch’s “go-live” was a surprise to many internet users. Should we have expected significant problems or simply a cancellation of the “made in casino du Lac Meyrin” project? After a brief interview with Alexander Sosnovski, Director iGaming of Pasino.ch, the news was reassuring:

“Indeed, the launch of Pasino.ch was delayed. To tell the truth, this does not in any way concern developmental problems… but rather the improvement of our services. From the very first weeks of development, our objective was to offer Swiss players a service worthy of the image reflected by the Lac Meyrin casino.

We have worked actively and tirelessly to achieve our goals: to guarantee a unique experience while prioritising responsible gaming and providing personalised assistance that is always available. To reassure the enthusiasts and to develop a relationship of trust with each player… We are now proud to present Pasino.ch. “

Unsurprisingly, the delay in the launch of Pasino.ch has heightened the interest already shown by online gambling enthusiasts. However, is this really a question of an online casino that is “unique on the web”? Here are our impressions.

First tests: promises kept?

Above all, the Casinosnews team prefers informative articles and does not, under any circumstances, seek to carry out complete and comparative tests. However, we wanted to gauge the first impressions of the players. In all objectivity, the postponement of the launch of Pasino.ch seems legitimate and indicates a platform with a promising future.

What’s more, in the very first hours of the platform’s existence, the value of the first bonuses offered attracted many enthusiasts. The incredible media coverage of the operator offered by the Lac Meyrin casino undoubtedly contributed to this immediate interest… And with good reason: numerous informative sites, whether dedicated or not to the field of online gambling, highlighted the online launch of the famous Pasino.ch.

However, in some situations, media coverage is as positive as it is negative. Indeed, an online presence followed by many Internet users sometimes points to an “emotional lift” when quality is not present. Luckily, Pasino.ch seems to have been successfully launched and fully deserves its place among the legal operators recognised by the CFMJ. The coming months may or may not confirm the strategies applied by the Lac Meyrin casino. Casinosnews will certainly continue to follow this exciting news.

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