Gambling in Switzerland: what is the assessment for the year 2020?

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This will come as no surprise to any Internet user, the year 2020 was particularly marked by the global pandemic… And gambling has not escaped this troubling phenomenon. As such, what is the assessment for lotteries, sports betting and land/online casinos? Casinosnews invites you to take a look at this particularly relevant subject.

Lottery: the recent Loterie Romande announcements

On 19 January 2021, the Loterie Romande shared a press release titled “26 millionaires in Switzerland in 20”. Indeed, this year was a successful one for those players who tried their luck in the Swiss Lotto. According to Loro’s information, 4 lucky ones managed to hit the jackpot. In addition, 18 other players picked the 6 right numbers and took advantage of the Joker. Similarly, the Swiss Lotto validated its2nd biggest win since its inception, with CHF 45 million won in May 2020. A total of around CHF 206 million was distributed.

The year 2020 also marked the 50th anniversary of Swiss Lotto, with a number of new competitions being offered. The participation rate in this year’s draws does not seem to have suffered from a lack of interest linked to Covid-19.

Finally, note that the press release presented on 19 January 2021 by the Loterie Romande confirms a reinforcement of the protection of minors. A new legal application raises the age limit for each game organised in Switzerland to 18 years (in force since 1 January 2021).

Swiss online casinos in the year 2020

Since the entry into force of the New Gambling Law in January 2019, the development of legal online casinos has been a hot topic, despite the impact of the global pandemic. In addition to some operators already available, the launch of new platforms was an opportunity for many enthusiasts.

As a reminder, 7Melons and have joined the list of legal operators published by the CFMJ. Nevertheless, we should note the beginnings of 7Melons, which has been judged unsatisfactory according to some opinions published on the web. On the other hand, seems to have a promising outlook thanks to attractive offers and a game catalog that is already compelling.

To the delight of gamblers, legal online casinos want to offer even more offers and services. The arrival of new competitors was therefore synonymous with opportunities for enthusiasts. Why deprive yourself of it?

A “black year” for land-based casinos

If online operators were considered to be attractive solutions for entertainment during periods of confinement, land-based casinos have understandably suffered significant revenue losses. The imposed closure of every gaming ring located in Switzerland continues to affect the financial health of casinos. Certain establishments linked to recognised groups (such as the Casino du Lac Meyrin operated by Partouche) nevertheless stand out from other casinos whose financial health had already been weakened in previous years.

The national reopening of these establishments is therefore eagerly awaited by each casino and by gambling enthusiasts.

Sports betting also affected by the pandemic

Finally, the sporting world has also been affected by the global pandemic as cancelled matches are still disrupting validated bets. The interrupted organisation of the football match between Servette FC and Xamax on 16 January 2021 was just one example among many. As a reminder, several players were diagnosed positive for Covid-19.

A possible “return to normal” in 2021 would obviously be beneficial for every professional team, but also for many amateur sportsmen and women.

What should we expect in 2021?

Unsurprisingly, land-based casinos are particularly affected by the global pandemic. The year 2021, a year of hope, could bring relief to these establishments thanks to vaccination. As far as online operators are concerned, the recent arrival of new platforms could maximise the offers currently available to players. In short, this new year will prove to be exciting and particularly full of news!

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