Swiss Casinos: galvanized to counter illegal casinos

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Since the application of the new Swiss law on gambling in the beginning of 2019, the CFMJ continues to blacklist many operators that they don’t recognize as legal. While some players may find this information anecdotal, passionate fans might consider this “filtering” as crucial for guaranteeing the best possible online gambling experience. Furthermore, several operators have emerged on the market in order to help fight against the illegal ones. CasinoNews provides further information on this in our clear and objective summary below.

Swiss Casinos impacted by illegal sites

It should come as no surprise that the presence of illegal operators negatively impacts Swiss casinos. According to research firm PWC, more than 250 million CHF flows towards operators not recognized  by the CFMJ (Commission Fédérale des Maisons de Jeux, or Swiss Federal Gaming Board). While this “shortfall” is significant for licensed operators, other legal sites are arriving on the scene in order to fight against these worrisome offerings.

Getting a license as complex as it is reassuring for players

Some prestigious institutions like Casino du Lac Meyrin are on the list of recognized operators. However, getting a license isn’t so easy for these professionals. Fabrizio Barozzi, CEO of Casino du Lac Meyrin, expressed the following in an interview with Bilan:

“After having obtained the shareholders’ agreement in principle, we needed to take additional steps to prepare, our future platform in association with the European group Partouche. We meticulously researched in order to find a technical provider and negotiate with game providers. Of course, one of our main goals is to reassure players in an effort to develop a catalogue of unique and attractive games. Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification guarantees the security of information and is essential in meeting the expectations of Swiss authorities and players. In practice, this certificate requires several steps. The platform must be tested and then approved by accredited experts, who are responsible for verifying compliance with Swiss regulations.”

Players applaud these premliminary verification processes imposed by operators. However, there are a minority of fans who feel that obtaining a license is trivial…until something bad happens, of course. In fact, every year, many players find themselves in complicated legal situations having to do with withdrawal of winnings, leakage of banking information, and even the heavy consequences that arise from a lack of responsible gaming limitations.

Swiss casinos swimming with ideas to attract players

While some Swiss casinos have a great opportunity to reach other players via their online platforms, the ROI (or return on investment) remains questionable, particularly for the initial years of operation for these platforms. Marc Friedrich, CEO of the Fédération Suisses des Casinos, stated the following:


“At present time, there is no certainty regarding the profitability of online casinos for the long term. It’s imporrtant to set some limits and understand how online players and players who frequent land-based establishments differ.”

Faced with such uncertainty, Swiss online casinos utilize aggressive marketing strategies that offer ever-increasing bonuses. Furthermore, the availability of customer support is a important solution towards reassuring players. Potential players consider the mitigation of cybercrime and the promotiom of fair online gaming as decisive factors. Thus, getting a license remains a foundational step to win the confidence of online players.

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