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Globally, the health crisis linked to the spread of Covid-19 has caused unprecedented consequences, among them, the temporary ban on large gatherings in stadiums and other complexes dedicated to sports. This has been particularly difficult for many supporters. Subsequently, the absence of official competitions has also paralyzed the field of sports betting.

What date has the Swiss government announced for the resumption of matches and competitions? Should we expect some limitations? CasinosNews will give you all the answers you need.

An unending ban on Swiss Sports Betting for fans

The spread of Covid-19 continues to worry every nation. Without effective treatments approved by science, some unprecedented and distressing measures have been imposed. Containment is probably one of the most difficult measures for every household. As such, the ban on Swiss Sports not only affects sports fans, but also enthusiasts of sports betting. The February 28, 2020 decision by the government seems endless.

The Federal Council announces a gradual resumption of Sports

April 29 was a fateful date for many sports fans and gamblers because the Federal Council officially announced some flexibility for professional sports.

According to the Swiss authorities, matches and sports competitions will “possibly” be authorized starting from June 8. If this information doesn’t excite the internet, it’s because the date is reliant on the progress of cases and deaths caused by the Covid-19. If “partial containment” and social distancing measures continue to lower the number of covid-19 cases, the government will confirm the above date on May 27.

Games and Competitions without an audience

Every sector must be constantly vigilant and adapt to the gradual deconfinement announced by the Federal Council. For Swiss Sports, each match and competition must meet a necessary condition: no public audience may be present during a game between professional athletes. This is merely anecdotal info for sports betting enthusiasts. For Sports fans, they will have to watch their favorite team on television (or online).

Athletes will likely have to follow several new hygiene rules to reduce the risk of transmission, which could, undoubtedly, impact the performance of the players. Will they have to wear a mask? Can we plan for specific modifications concerning the rules and principles for every sport? The answers to these questions remain unclear and continue to fuel many discussions in online forums. Future announcements from the Federal Council will shape clearer answers to these relevant topics.

Goal: authorize mass gatherings before the end of August

The Swiss authorities have planned for the resumption of mass gatherings by the end of August 2020. Again, the development of the current health crisis will determine what happens.

The football (soccer) championship could resume in July, while respecting the “behind closed doors” condition. And whatever agreement is made between the OFSPO (the Federal Office of Sport), the municipal bodies, and the Swiss Olympics will be ancillary and crucial towards hoping for the imminent resumption of Swiss Sports.

Other events, such as the Athletissima meeting, could be canceled. Tennis fans would also be disappointed by the cancellation of the Lausanne and Gstaad tournaments in 2020 (originally scheduled for July).

As you can see, the gradual resumption of official matches / competitions and sports betting will above all be determined by the change in active cases of Covid-19. The application of social distancing and increased vigilance on a daily basis is essential to fight against this epidemic and to find a peaceful and exciting life at the same time.

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